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We hear you.

Managed uniforms and local embroidery shops just don’t cut it.
Paying for laundry services your company never uses?
Finding top quality gear while maintaining your budget feeling impossible?
Or is just managing your uniform program turning into a full time job?

Our Company Gear division was created to better deliver on our Mission to Support Blue Collar.

And that means helping you.

We created Purpose-Built Company Gear to solve problems for our customers who run their own businesses. By combining design, speed, and sourcing into the most affordable program on the market, we can help manage their uniform program so they can focus on running their business.
And... we're only getting started.


Stop wasting money with the uniform companies

I’m paying for Cintas or Aramark to launder our uniforms, but we don’t even use their services. I also keep getting these replacement charges when I feel like I could just buy my uniform and decide when/what to replace on my own.  We don’t need 11 garments for each person either.  They only work 5 days a week.”

We look up to what the big uniform companies have accomplished.  However, they also taught us what not to do.  We are not a laundry company; you’ll own your uniforms.  If you only want 3-4 garments for each employee based on your budget, we don’t sell you 11.  We’ll find the most durable specifications to keep your team safe and budget healthy.  We like covering the cracks most uniform companies cannot cover!

Your experience

“We want our managers to wear Carhartt and laborers to wear more cost effective brands, but no one can get us both.  Managing this uniform program is a full time gig. I need someone else to do it.”

We truly believe people buy from people.  From the start, we’ll assign you an account rep to help frame-up all your options, complete research on your behalf, and manage the procurement from start to finish. Our  competitors don’t like how much we work, but we think around-the-clock service is the only way to go.  We also run two shifts per day in our warehouse because we can’t stand long lead times and seeing our machinery resting.  We like to get sh*t done.

“I’ve been waiting months for the local embroidery shop to finish my team’s gear.  They work out of their house and I’m constantly driving to/from their shop to get partially completed stuff.”

Oh yea, we also offer in-store fitting services in our growing retail division. 

If you’re in the Bay Area and want your team uniquely fitted from head-to-toe, we can manage all of this – just ask.

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